Why do like being alone? Why don't you let it go? I've tried through the echoing screams that call for comfort at night when silence orchestrates bittersweet lullabies using happy memories I cannot wake up to. Staying in the darkest corners of life. I try to imagine the moment I won't have to masquerade myself... Continue Reading →

Safety first 

Why am I single? I am not allowed to have a boyfriend. This answer is a lie. My parents don't Have any problem with me dating. It's me who does.. After witnessing a failed marriage of 20 years. I've seen love for what it truly is: A Sky Dive. Except when you jump off that... Continue Reading →

Blue Candy 

In this world of Men who constantly turn women into their chewing gum. This is my fantasy for one man to treat me like a lollipop. Patiently licking the sweetness, I slowly offer.  Savoring each drop of sugar, I leave on his tongue.  Admiring the mark of color, I paint on his lips.  Licking slowly... Continue Reading →


Women are beautiful like candy. We come in various shapes, sizes,colors, special fillings and flavours. As sweet as they are and may seem... We can also come in bitter flavours. The reason is not that we never once were sugar coated. Instead,we were spat out too many times to count. Some Men took us like... Continue Reading →

Department Store 

In men's eyes, the world is a department store And women are the merchandise. The ones on display Are the cheapest and are most in demand. They are on sale For 50% or even 100% off for they don't know their true worth. These women on display are more than only flesh and a tool... Continue Reading →

An Apology

This is an Apology To introverts, from extroverts   We're sorry we're made of fire That crackles and burns things Around us without meaning to. It's sad we forget you're made of ice And need to go back into the freezer Of solitude to get back the cold You've lost among us extroverts.   We're... Continue Reading →

 A Shoebox

My love for you is a shoebox. It contains everything, everything. The first paper airplane you taught me to fold in class. Ballpens we used as either swords or imaginary weapons. Tiny notes we passed around talking about Sir spits a lot.  Wacky class pictures where we were next to each other.  A key chain... Continue Reading →

To the boy

To the boy I had a crush on when I was 5. Thank you for letting me play with your little toy cars. In the corner of your living room by your little toy parking lot And for sharing a biscuit with a little girl in a yellow dress, Who was too innocent to know... Continue Reading →

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