Evil Queen

Evil Queen was a mother.
A descendant from
a bloodline of witches.
Witches who use lust,
as a weapon, and long for
Gold; their oxygen.

The Evil Queen placed
the princess infront of
an enchanted mirror.
As the princess stared
at her reflection,
she whispered “Look,
you have no worth. Do
you not see your

The princess stared
into the mirror and saw
the horrors of herself.
Thighs meeting, eye bags,
small height, large stomach,
chipmunk cheeks and others.
“I see the imperfections.
What should I do, mother?”

The Evil Queen grinned and
said “Eating is for peasants,
we are royalty.” The princess
ate so little. Her body shrunk
almost into a pixie.

One day, the Evil Queen
left the kingdom to be
with another. Leaving
the kingdom with nothing
but shattered promises and
haunting memories. Taking
the little prince with her.

The princess looked at
herself in the mirror, before
leaving the broken Kingdom.
She saw the scars the queen
left, they were not on her skin,
but in her heart. Overpowered
by emotions the mirror she
destroyed and saw the pieces
of her heart shattered on the floor.

She found refuge in a better
Kingdom. Where the words
of the Lord are spoken and
his works are taught. God
never left her through all of it.
Never again will she trust, the
Evil Queen. The princess will
only honor her for it is a
command from God.
Honor thy Father and


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