Leave Me. Break Me.

To face me and
tell me it’s over,
why can’t you?
Through digital
remedies is how
you end all we had.
I held my device
in my hands and
read your words;
each one a dagger
that you threw at me.

Is this how it all
ends? The hours
we spent with each
other, time wasted.
Memories made
no longer cherished
but buried in the past.
Promises not kept by
your selfish heart.
Photographs freezing
moments in time, when
you still loved me.
Attached with words
ending with “I love you.”

You know, I have a
difficulty expressing my
emotions. I turn to
self-harm due to my
loss for words. You
have seen my scars,
my imperfections.
Are they what pushed
you to say “I’m tired
of all of this! It’s over.”
I will hide them from
you, to have you with
me again like before.

In the four walls
your hurtful words and
insincerity built, I locked
myself inside. For
hours,like a detective
I searched for an answer.
Your reason for giving up.
Not one aligned with
the words of love
you once said.
I thought, “I guess
you know how to
break me.”

Dedicated to PC. I understand you, even when you don’t talk to me.


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