A Shoebox

My love for you is a shoebox. It contains everything, everything.

The first paper airplane you taught me to fold in class.

Ballpens we used as either swords or imaginary weapons.

Tiny notes we passed around talking about Sir spits a lot. 

Wacky class pictures where we were next to each other. 

A key chain you gave from a place you came from 

because you remembered me while you were there. 

The Tshirt you lent me when she made sure I was soaking wet.

Packets of candies and biscuits you shared with me when I had none. 

A Handkerchief you used to wipe away sadness from my face that came in droplets of water. 

Jokes on a piece of paper you made for my smile to reappear once again on my tiny little face. 

The Perfect letter I wrote in eighth grade but never gave because you loved someone else. 

Tears I shed for you when you unknowingly broke my heart. 

Stars that fell when I ever I wished you felt the same way.

A broken watch to tell me time spent with you was never a waste. 

“I love yous” I’ll never get to say to you with you replying “I love you toos”.

I hid the shoebox away and waited until you loved no one. 

the day I waited for so long came…. 

You looked at each piece I kept with eyes hiding scars.

Before refusing my love by returning the shoebox. 

I gave you a fragile piece of my shattered heart that belonged 

To you since the moment you said 

“I’m sorry but you deserve better.” 


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