An Apology

This is an Apology

To introverts, from extroverts


We’re sorry we’re made of fire

That crackles and burns things

Around us without meaning to.

It’s sad we forget you’re made of ice

And need to go back into the freezer

Of solitude to get back the cold

You’ve lost among us extroverts.


We’re sorry, we explode your

Invisible Personal space Bubbles.

Without knowing we did and we’re

Not blaming you because your

Bubbles are invisible. It’s in

Our nature for perceiving that

Everyone in a party is an extrovert.

A pure bred introvert would be in

It’s natural habitat. It’s own room.

Sometimes, among all the light that

Shines and burns the brightest. You

Introverts reflect that light and

we mistake You to be one of us.


To introverts, from extroverts


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