Safety first 


Why am I single?

I am not allowed to have a boyfriend.

This answer is a lie. My parents don’t

Have any problem with me dating. It’s me who does..

After witnessing a failed marriage of 20 years.

I’ve seen love for what it truly is: A Sky Dive.

Except when you jump off that plane of singleness

You do not have a parachute to secure your heart.

Falling onto the earth like a shooting star.

Aimed exactly at the reason why you’re falling.

As you drop from the sky and unto the earth,

You hope it’s not the sad soil that meets you;

But in the arms of the love you have fallen for.

There’s never an assurance of safety from

the inevitable pain love has to offer.

Now, I’d rather stay on the plane as

a passenger and not as a reckless sky diver.

I don’t want to leave the dark sky, where

I shine, to fall on the earth who

will only take away my light.


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