I have always loved literature, since I was a child. The first books I ever read on my own was a set of “My Bible Friends”. Later on, I read books by Rick Riordan, Veronica Roth, John Green, Nicholas Sparks and other writers. All of their books, have given me memories through the stories they’ve told. I stopped reading “Young Adult” Books, I no longer could find time to read them. Nowadays, I read the Holy Bible everyday before I pray. For time with God is never time wasted.

In fifth grade, I read the school newspaper. I read how people could inform others and give their opinions, through words published on fancy paper. The next school year, I attempted to join the school newspaper organization. Sadly, I missed the auditions and failed to submit a piece of my work. Thus, I became a contributor. Fast Forward to now, I am a Senior Editor of my school newspaper.

Through the years, I have been mentored by, my English Literature teacher, Ms. Marianne Araneta; who has always encouraged me to pursue my passion for Literature. She showed me the beauty of Poetry and short stories, that go far beyond a book.

It is only now that I have the courage to publish my works online.

The name of my blog is “Hannah’s Paper” because I love writing on paper.

This is dedicated to God, without whom I would not be writing. To him be all the Glory.

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