Leave Me. Break Me.

To face me and tell me it's over, why can't you? Through digital remedies is how you end all we had. I held my device in my hands and read your words; each one a dagger that you threw at me. Is this how it all ends? The hours we spent with each other, time... Continue Reading →

When I say “I do”

Even though, I am a fool, know that I can't help falling in love with you. Wouldn't it be nice, to marry you and let everyone know I'm yours? When I do, I will promise to: Spend a thousand years on earth and an eternity with you, after death. Be more than words in ways of affection towards... Continue Reading →

His Grace

The emptiness inside you can be filled, with something worth more than gold. His grace is all, you need. You draw closer to him in faith and in spirit. Ask for his help and it will be given to you without any payments due. He is enough to satisfy your thirst and hunger. Who is... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Lust

It comes in pieces. Each piece brings lust. You have no wisdom. Each piece, brings pleasure but binds you in chains. Until, the last piece comes with a lock and you are trapped in the chains of your own addiction. There is a saviour! He may not wear a Cape but he wears a cross.... Continue Reading →

Evil Queen

Evil Queen was a mother. A descendant from a bloodline of witches. Witches who use lust, as a weapon, and long for Gold; their oxygen. The Evil Queen placed the princess infront of an enchanted mirror. As the princess stared at her reflection, she whispered "Look, you have no worth. Do you not see your... Continue Reading →


He will not come to you, If you go to him. Nor will he fall by choice, if you push him. He will not speak, if you speak before him. Impatience is an equal to annoyance. Instead, await the day God's plan reveals itself.


Love is a bundle made of Time spent to be with you, Patience to figure out the puzzles you make, Understanding to help you, Kindness you deserve, Honesty to let you know you're worth more than the stars in the heavens above, Loyalty to you, and Trust... How can one trust? All those, who have... Continue Reading →

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